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Advantages Of South Facing House Designs

A south facing home is great as it saves you a lot of money on the electricity bills. This is because the house gathers a lot of heat during the day. The heat is then released during the evening thus ensuring that your house is warm even during the cold months of the year. Since you don’t use any electricity to warm the house, you save a lot of money.

Consideration When Designing The House

For the house to look good you need to consider a number of things. For example, you should ensure that the main door is located at the southern direction. When it comes to the kitchen you should ensure that it’s constructed in the southeast direction. If impossible to construct it in this direction you should consider constructing it in the northeast direction.

You should construct the master bedroom in the southwest corner. It’s also recommended that you construct the over-head tank in this direction.

You should always keep the southwest direction clear. This calls for you to avoid constructing the car porch, septic tank, water sump, or a garden in this direction. Remember that septic tanks are associated with loses; therefore, you should construct it at the negative sides of the house. This calls for you to construct the tanks at the north side of the house. For health reasons you should ensure that the tanks are located at least 15 feet away from the bore hole, well or water sump.

If you are planning of constructing out-houses you should ensure that they don’t touch the compound wall of the north and east side.

You shouldn’t construct a pond in the south direction as it’s a sign that you will lose money or other precious valuables.

As rule of thumb you should ensure that the south direction is clear and there’s nothing that obstructs the view. It’s highly recommended that you make the south higher than the north.

If you are constructing a commercial house, you should ensure that the shop or office faces southwest. This is to improve your financial condition.

To secure the house, you should fix the doors only after you have constructed a brick wall that is at least 6 inches in width.

If the house is going to have staircases you should ensure that the stairs are in the south, west, southeast, or northeast corner of the house. As rule of thumb you should ensure that the stairs aren’t located at the northeast corner of the house. This is because a staircase located at the northeast is associated with loss of wealth.

Tips On How To Construct A Durable House

It’s the dream of every person to construct a good house that remains strong forever. Unfortunately, very few people know how to do it. To help you out here are tips on how to construct a long lasting house:

Have a great design

A durable house starts from the design stage. For a great design you need to hire an experienced architect who will pay attention to details such as exposed beams or plasterwork.

The professional will design the house in such a way that the beams are hidden thus protecting them from damage. The professional will also ensure that the plaster is thick enough to last for a long time.

Get a good contractor

This is the person who handles the construction work. The contractor is very sensitive as he’s the one who determines the quality of materials that are used and the quality of workers handling the project. For a long lasting construction you should hire a contractor with a good reputation.

If you are constructing a specialized house such as a storied house you shouldn’t hire a general contractor-you should hire a specialized professional with years of experience.

Be cautious of the materials

The materials you use greatly determine the quality of your house. If you go for low quality materials chances are that your house will be of poor quality and won’t last long enough. To be on the safe side you should use high quality materials.

The contractor you hire has a great influence on the material that go into the construction. To have control of the materials used you should buy the materials and pay the contractor for his/her services.


In addition to hiring a great contractor and architect you also need to ensure that your house design is flexible. This means that it must provide you with room for additional rooms. It should also be easy to change the design of the house if need be.

Tastes and preferences change and for you to make the changes you should go for flexible designs. This calls for you to construct your house in an area where you can easily add additional rooms without damaging the existing house. If you feel that you might require a storied house in the future you should create a strong foundation.


These are tips on how to build a long lasting house. The architect, contractor, flexibility and construction materials are all very important in determining the durability of your house thus you should pay close attention to them.

Importance of Good Residential Roofing

Roof is one of the most important parts of a house or a commercial building and utmost care must be taken for its construction. It plays an extremely important role in protecting the interior of a building and fights violent weather conditions to ensure the security of your loved ones. So if you are looking to save a few bucks while constructing a roof, it is definitely a bad idea because a roof which is not installed properly may not be able to withstand blows calling for a replacement sooner or later. A good investment while constructing the roof will generally give a warranty of twenty five to thirty years or even more. Another factor which plays a big role in determining the type of roof to be installed is the weather condition in which your building is to be constructed.

While constructing a roof for a commercial building, there are plenty of people to take the responsibility of constructing a long lasting roof. Moreover, a lot of money is involved in the construction which generally leads to a well constructed roof. But when the task of constructing residential roofing comes to mind, it is the sole responsibility of the head of the family to construct a proper roof in order to ensure protection to the family members. Of course, you can consult experts in this field but you have to take the final decision in order to construct a strong durable roof. There are many aspects to consider while constructing a roof for your house. So it is highly recommended to take the help of an expert or an engineer before selecting the type of roofing to install at your house.

The type of asphalt shingles, tiles or slabs to be used in the residential roofing depends upon the purpose of constructing the roof. If you need to give an attractive outlook to your house, you can go for a particular variety of shingles which may not be used in roofs which are designed to withstand extremely violent weather conditions. If your house is located in a cool shady area, you can go for asphalt shingles which are resistant to the growth of algae. On the other hand, if your house is located in a hot and humid area where the heat of the sun is a big problem, you can go for the shingles which are able to absorb heat and withstand fires making the interior cool and pleasant for your survival.

In this modern world, you can find a large number of companies offering the services of constructing residential roofing. You can easily resort to them for constructing a solid and durable roof but you must conduct proper research about the history and experience of the company before handing over the job to that company. You must always hire a professional expert to check the durability and longevity of the roof once it is constructed. A properly constructed roof must be durable and capable of withstanding violent weather conditions but they must be light in weight as well.

How to Construct a Chicken Coop — Frequent Chicken House Mistakes to Avoid While Building Your Coop

Constructing a chicken coop is entertaining and rewarding experience, however if you do not do it in a proper way; your coop will not do any good for your chickens and could leave them in just as much risk as they were without the coop. An effective chicken house will keep your chickens comfortable and secure from the potential predators. But in order for your coop to do that, you require to avoid these absolute common coop construction mistakes.

Do not bargain-priced out on materials in certain areas

You do not require utilising the highest calibre materials for your whole chicken house. There are a few places where you are able to economise by using cheaper quality goods. However, in that respect there are certain places where you utterly necessitate using the finest quality materials Such as doors and windows; these necessitate being top calibre in order to secure your birds from the predators. Strong doors will ensure that the predators will not get to close from your chickens, this is the main reason you should use the top calibre timber for this area, security should be your first priority.

Design your coop with the weather condition in mind

One common pitfall is planning your coop without studying the kind of conditions it requires to live through. A badly studied coop will deteriorate faster than a well designed one. While constructing your coop, be sure to apply either pressure treated woods, or coat. This will secure your coop from water. You can also incline the floor slightly towards the doorway to let any water to naturally drain out.

How to Construct a Soundproof Home Recording Studio

Building Instructions

The best method for creating a practice studio which will let you do live rehearsals and recordings is to follow the instructions in the free brochure Acoustics 101 which you can download from http://www.auralex.com. You’ll learn that maximum soundproofing for your music studio requires construction of a «room within a room.»

The ideas in this brochure can be used, however, for any sort of room soundproofing project, because the concept it describes takes advantage of the sealed air space which you’ll created between the new walls of you music studio and the old walls of the original room. If space allows, you can dampen the noise you’ll be making even further by constructing a separate ceiling for your room within a room, but that’s not always practical. What will be practical is for you to frame the walls for your new room flat on the floor and then lift them into position.

Adding Soundproofing Material

If you must keep the original ceiling, soundproof it either with mass loaded vinyl (MLV) or a blend of MLV and closed cell foam. When you’ve finished framing the walls, and measured for dead air space, you can begin soundproofing the new room.

I recommend lining the pockets between the new and old walls with American Mat or a similar foam of closed cell vinyl nitrile, which is usually ¼» thick and will be glued to the studs, joists, and interior cavity walls with contact cement. You won’t be filling the cavities with the American Mat; you’ll only be lining them.

Adding Insulation and Decoupling

If your room within a room is being constructed in an unheated garage or basement, you might decide that thermal insulation is a good idea. If so, I suggest you use Roxul, a terrific batt insulation of thermal rock wool which also has great Soundproofing properties.

If most of the noise your band makes is low frequency noise coming from either acoustic drums or a bass amplifier, you should now decouple the walls. We’ll discuss decoupling methods in further articles, but if you are using high-powered amplifiers ( 4 X 12 cabinets with fifty-watt amps, for example) along with an Ampeg bass system and miked acoustic drums, then you can get by without decoupling.

Finishing Your Home Recording Studio

If you won’t be decoupling, then get some more high quality MLV and staple it directly either to the joists or the studs on your assembled walls. Overlap the seams and seal them with OSI acoustical caulk, and then tape them with either heavy PVC or lead tape.

When you’ve finished sealing the MLV, put in a final layer of 5/8″ drywall, buttering its edges with more of the acoustical caulk. Then tape, mud, and paint it, and you’re finished! You have your own in-home soundproof recording studio!

Building A Website Without SEO Is Similar To Constructing Building Without Architecture

In the digital world, everything is based on the search done on the search engine. People from the distant place can see you and your business growth. In this cut-throat competition, to claim the fame in the digital world an attractive website design acts as the gateway. The website helps the target audience to know more about your business and the new services you are bringing in the market, which separates you from the crowd.

To set the benchmark for the competitors in your niche, a blended combination of an attractively designed website and SEO services is just like icing on the cake. In this busy world, where every person is running after making money and earning profit, they use some great marketing tool to cut their competitors. SEO is the powerful weapon to rule the digital world. The benefits that SEO brings to the table can be a great deal for you. Here are some points, how SEO complements businessman website.

  • Increase The Productivity: Once an attractive and user-friendly website is designed, it needs to be promoted on the internet and SEO is the best way to promote the business online. Nowadays, SEO is influenced by how the marketers build a website, the ecosystem they fit for it, and how they promote it. You must be very careful to choose the proper online marketing tactics while promoting the business online to increase the business productivity.
  • 24*7 Hours Visibility: The people do not come to you directly; they do research online and select the best for them. The website is the entrance gate of your business, to drive more traffic towards your website, you need unlimited promotion online. SEO is 24*7 hours promotion, it never sleeps. Anytime your customer visits your website, SEO helps to maintain your visibility on the Google’s first place.
  • Target New Market: There is one more advantage of SEO and optimized a website. After creating your goodwill in the market through your existing keywords, you can target new market with different keywords.

Hence, a website without impactful SEO service is not a good practice, for any business in the market. Your business becomes more admirable as the SEO ranking rises and it will drive more traffic to your website. SEO and website work in close coordination with each other, both of them acts like the life support system for the business life cycle. So, make sure you are choosing the trustworthy web designing company for SEO service and user-friendly website design. Hurry up, to kick your business sale through the internet, call now.